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Thank you for visiting my Portfolio. You can navigate the site using the sidebar, or the top menu.   If you have any inquiries or wish to contact me, please direct your questions, concerns, and complaints to or use the contact form.

Convergence Project

chemb0t Projects

For my Senior Project, I chose to work on visually developing the world and atmosphere of, “Crescent Earth”. It is the primary location of my story, “Convergence”. A post-post apocalyptic recovering planet in an undefined future, a series of hydrogen bombs had shattered a large fraction of the planet’s mantle and crust, distorting it into the shape of the namesake crescent. The removal …

Portfolio Site Opening

chemb0t Updates

The new portfolio website is up and running. There’s aspects of the site that I still have to clean up and organize to a tighter degree for ease of access, but for the most part, most of the site should be functional.   Let me know through email or contact form if anything is buggy! Thanks. -Riley