Convergence Project

For my Senior Project, I chose to work on visually developing the world and atmosphere of, “Crescent Earth”. It is the primary location of my story, “Convergence”.

A post-post apocalyptic recovering planet in an undefined future, a series of hydrogen bombs had shattered a large fraction of the planet’s mantle and crust, distorting it into the shape of the namesake crescent. The removal of mass permanently altered the gravitational core – splitting the polarities into two uneven sections, creating a vertical ring and null-gravity zone around the planet.

There are only two major human-populated locations- “Ocean Obelisk”, a massive layered city erected vertically over the submerged skeleton of the prior cities , now engulfed in the polluted ocean, and “The Hanging Oasis”, the last location in the planet with natural (currently flowing) groundwater.

However, locations far and few between, despite being mostly uninhabitable, are landmarks that may be traversed when people have to go outside of the habitable regions to prevent further destruction of the remainder of the planet. These locations run the gamut of high and low elevations, from the dizzying mountainous wastelands, the skeletal webbing of rock connecting the earth together, to the polluted underwater, abandoned underground mines regions.

The remainder of the Convergence story will be developed slowly, later in my own time.